Zero to Profitable Developer.

Learn to Code, build an amazing portfolio and
start landing Projects in as little as 4 Weeks

With laser focus on the things that really matter.

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Learn to Code in Weeks. Even if you never thought you could.

We prepare you to hit the market within just a few weeks and don't want you to be stuck in training for months or years. Pure outcome-based learning with no fluff.

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Build an amazing portfolio and land your first paying clients.

We show you how to position yourself as an expert and how to get in touch with clients. From there you can use your portfolio to either land higher paying freelancing jobs or to land developer positions in tech companies.

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Get Awesome Results or You Don't Pay

We want you to be 100% happy with your decision to join us and make it risk-free to get started. That's why we offer a 60-days money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

Technologies you'll learn

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What our students say.

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“Used the portfolio projects to apply for Developer positions and land a paid internship at Ubisoft.”

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“Joined with absolutely zero coding experience and a $14/hour job, was hired for a stable $37/hour coding position after just 1 month.”

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“Joined with limited experience, was featured on UpWork as a rising talent and invited to be hired 60+ times. Raised his rate to $65/hour.”

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“James had only taken a one week Python course before Freemote. After 1 month in Freemote he had secured 3 solid freelance clients.”

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“landed a client 1 week after finishing the course, and got a 5 star review. Shortly after, she got a second, and is currently interviewing for ongoing work with a 3rd.”

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“Joined with zero coding experience, got into FREEMOTE, and connected with a real client after 1 month from our internal job board.”

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“Landed his first ongoing Freelance contract after improving his portfolio site just a few weeks into the program.”

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“Struggled to find paid development work prior to Freemote and landed his first clients in a few weeks after joining.”

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“Went to anohter bootcamp before, without restuls. After joining Freemote he landed his first client after 2 weeks. Now he's working with 4 different agencies plus direct clients.”

When you join, you'll get full, immediate access to:

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250+ Lessons / 30+ Hours Of Video Content

Created from 7 years of combined experience and broken down into the only things that matter.

Get a clear path from start to finish, learn the relevant technical knowledge, become a Platform expert and learn how to really stand out as a Freelancer.

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Checklists, Cheat Sheets, Templates

Industry professionals have a structured process for everything, and that's exactly what we're giving you.

Downloadable checklists, cheat sheets, contracts, and templates that take months and years to figure out.

You'll be confident from day 1.

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Support from an Amazing Community

Join a community where your desired behavior is already the normal behavior. Meet like-minded people, share your wins or struggles, network with other developers, or just make friends.

Beeing held accountable also makes it much easier to stay consistent with your progress. You don't have to do this alone.

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Most up-to-date-content

We created this program in 2021 and the best strategies ALWAYS change over time.

This program will be kept current and you will always have access to all future updates and new content.

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Freelancing Masterclass

We focus on the SPECIFIC things you need to do to start earning.

How to create your portfolio, how to position yourself, how to find clients, how to talk to them, how to send proposals, how to price your services.

Stop guessing and start taking actions right away.

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Get Custom Video Feedback

You can get custom Feedback for all of your code projects, your personal website and portfolio.

Personalized advice to give you the best chances of success and to boost your confidence.

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Results or You Don't Pay

We want you to be 100% happy with the program and make it risk free to get started.

That's why we offer a 60-day full money back guarantee without any questions asked.

(Even with that our current refund rate is below 5%)

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$18,000 - $30,000

15x More Expensive

  • Broad generic training
  • No specialization or niche
  • Minimal career training
  • Minimal support after the program
  • Based on a model created in 2015
  • No ongoing access to the community


One Payment, 15% Off

  • Web development training
  • Results-Oriented, New 2021 Curriculum
  • Freelance portfolio & strategy training
  • Mentors W/ 7 Years Of Experience
  • Lifetime Community Access
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Enroll Now

Take a shortcut on your path to becoming a successful Freelancer.

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A Software developer, freelancer and Programming teacher with 200k+ YouTube subscribers

Aaron has 4+ years of professional programming experience working at Uber Technologies in San Francisco, and at a 7 figure web development agency.

In 2021 Aaron was interviewed by CNBC Make It on why millennials are leaving six-figure tech jobs to obtain more freedom and flexibility.

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A Web developer, eCommerce developer, Shopify expert, and freelancer.

Jan has 3+ years of eCommerce dev experience and was a core member of the fastest growing Shopify agency in Germany, where he focused on development.

Through his YouTube Channel, Jan became an offical educational partner for Shopify Germany in 2021.

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The Curriculum

► Web Development Overview 4 lessons 25:11
► HTML Basics 4 lessons 36:30
► HTML Intermediate 5 lessons 46:10
► HTML Advanced 3 lessons 26:00
► CSS Basics 5 lessons 51:07
► CSS Box Model 3 lessons 28:32
► CSS Selectors & Attributes 3 lessons 45:35
► CSS Position, Display, Media Queries 6 lessons 1:07:38
► HTML & CSS Projects 3 lessons 54:04
► Back End Setup 11 lessons 39:01
► Front End Setup 4 lessons 44:00
► Recommended Themes 3 lessons 12:48
► Recommended Apps 2 lessons 15:39
► Service Frameworks 3 lessons 1:13:12
► Overview 3 lessons 9:36
► Local Shopify Dev Environment 3 lessons 27:35
► Shopify Theme Files 4 lessons 39:16
► Shopify Liquid 3 lessons 39:21
► Let's Start Freelancing 2 lessons 11:55
► Branding, Portfolio, Virtual Office 6 lessons 1:00:24
► Freelancing on UpWork 4 lessons 41:37
► Learning & Networking in Groups 3 lessons 25:27
► Direct Freelancing Strategies 4 lessons 1:24:09
► Onboarding, Contracts, Communication 3 lessons 34:03
► Variables & Types 7 lessons 1:17:44
► Compound Types 2 lessons 32:07
► More Types, Type Conversion 6 lessons 50:40
► Loops 3 lessons 43:11
► Functions & Methods 7 lessons 1:09:23
► Higher Order Functions 5 lessons 56:45
► Coding Challenges 11 lessons 1:13:00
► Clients & Servers 3 lessons 17:09
► The DOM 5 lessons 27:50
► DOM Projects 2 lessons 17:47
► Libraries 3 lessons 24:52
► Async JavaScript 2 lessons 15:37
► Dynamic Data Projects 2 lessons 33:49
► Shopify Static Elements 4 lessons 46:15
► Shopify Dynamic Elements 4 lessons 44:30
► Shopify Advanced Dynamic Elements 4 lessons 1:01:17
► Best Practice Methods 4 lessons 12:38
► Shopify 2.0 13 lessons 3:46:48

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is Yes.

We have created this program with beginners in mind, and there are no prerequisites

However, depending on your skill level you may of course take the program at a different pace.
The program is a completely self-paced 7 week online program - you decide when you start and when you finish.

The 7 weeks is calculated for someone with full time availability (20+ hours learning per week)

Naturally, more time invested will get you results faster, however there is no downside to going at your own pace, and taking more than 7 weeks. You also have lifetime access, so no worries about any subscription running out.
Statistically 60% of people end up making more freelancing than their previous job

As for how much eCommerce developers can expect to make, it can range anywhere from $30-$150 per hour

How much you end up making depends on your goals, and your efforts Some students join wanting to relax and earn a side income, we've helped them get set up so clients are coming to them.Others come in wanting to get full time remote jobs, and see freelancing as a way to get there.

We've helped them do it and land full time developer jobs And others still join with the plan of hiring a team to start an agencies. The top eCommerce agencies charge $10,000 minimum to set up stores. And we help them too.
eCommerce development isn't like being a "normal" developer. Here you are getting into what's known as a service business.

Your service consists of not only coding, but also translating client needs into solutions, communicating effectively, training them how to use the software, and giving them confidence along the way.

It helps if you think of yourself as more of a technical consultant than a pure "coder"In other words, just knowing "how to code" is a single (yet very important) piece of the puzzle.

Don't worry though, we'll cover all of this.As for $8/h competition... consider this. A company's online store is very important for their business. In many cases, it's their main source of revenue.If something was that important, would you really want to go with the "cheapest" possible option?
Absolutley, we can easily issue standard commercial invoices. For special requirements just send an email to
We want you to be 100% comfortable and confident in your purchase which is why we offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

Refunds given when requested by email, by a student who has purchased the course less than 60 days prior.

The only program you need to
become a successful Freelance Developer.

Master the technical skills and learn to land your
first paying clients in as little as 4 weeks.