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What they learn

From 7 years of combined experience in the tech industry


With HTML and CSS alone, you can do things like building static multi-page websites, code email templates, landing pages or customize product pages.


JavaScript is primarily used to add interactivity, animations, and dynamic features, Web pages. With JS you tweak things like Ajax-Cart-Drawers or display information based on the selected Product Variant.

Shopify Platform Knowledge

Students learn how to configure stores from scratch and if needed migrate data from other eCommerce platforms to Shopify. They can help with anything from tax settings, shipping settings, payments, products, website tracking to app integrations.

Shopify Development

It’s important that merchants remain independent with replacing their website content. That’s why instead of hard coding we teach students how to create new dynamic elements and customizer settings for you.

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Here at Coding with Jan we develop Shopify store from scratch and help businesses make the most of their ecommerce platform. We build robust stores that look great and convert on all platforms.