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We teach people how to code and help them land their first developer job or become freelance developers.

We can help with:

A) Becoming a Fulltime Freelancer

B) Landing your first Developer Job

A) Ryan's Story

Case Study Fulltime Freelancing

Ryan joined Freemote with the vague idea of working remotely and being his own boss. He knew he wanted to try coding, but didn't even know what he'd be most interested in specifically. To figure that out he took on to as many freelance projects as he could, and discovered that he has a very strong technical interest. Now he focuses on building e-commerce websites and augments that with building native mobile apps for some of the larger brands he works with.

  • works remotley while traveling

  • selects the projects HE likes

  • 6-figures per year in earnings

B) Nicholas's Story

Case Study Developer Job

After being hired for a full-time developer position, Nicholas said that for the first time in his life, he now works a job that he WANTS and with an income almost double anything he has made in the past. What ultimately helped him to get the job was the Portfolio Website we had built together.

  • works remotley from home

  • landed his first developer job at $60k/year

  • spends more time with his family

How does this work exactly?

1. Learning Platform

Get Access to our e-learning platform at any time, with lectures, tutorials, cheat sheets AND exercises that already simulate real world tasks to build up your confidence. Our step-by-step curriculm provides a clear learning path and is reguallary updated.

  • Lifetime access (including updates)

  • Choose a schedule that works for you and fits your life

  • 100% Online so you can attend from anywhere

2. Coaching

Real human support at every step. Get personalized feedback for your projects and real-time interaction with mentors, who are all still actively working in the industry.

  • personalized code reviews

  • personalized portfolio reviews

  • multiple Q&A live calls per week

3. Community

You don't have to do this alone. Join a community of like-minded students from all around the world who are just one click away. Share ideas, build connections, and learn from other students just like you who are building their own successful developer careers.

  • Networking

  • Accountability

  • Inspiration

Real Students - Real Results

Connor R.

Fulltime: Paid internship at Ubisoft

Connor started Freemote while still being a college student and with the goal of building up his frontend skills. Using the portfolio we had built together, he was able to land an interview at Ubisoft, a well-known gaming company in Canada. He nailed the interview and got the paid internship, which will definitley look great on his CV for the rest of his Developer Career.

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Saul V.

Freelancing: Multiple Clients and Agency Partners

Saul attended another code bootcamp before and his worst fear came true... He spent all that time and money, and didn't get a job. Instead of giving up on coding, Saul took a chance by joining Freemote, which was still relatively new at the time. Using the Freelancing strategies, he now works with multiple clients and also collaborates with some agencies. You can see his verified earnings on Upwork (which is just one single platform), where he recently passed $50k.

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Forrest W.

English Teacher to Freelancing to Fulltime

Forrest started out as an English teacher in Taiwan, but wanted to improve his work with more flexibility and location independence. After going through the Freemote program, he equipped himself with the skills to seize the right opportunity when it arose. He was able to grab exactly that opportunity and turn it into a frontend developer job, fully remote.

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