What our students say

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“Landed a paid internship at Ubisoft.”

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“Was offered a $70k+/year coding position after just 1 month.”

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“Joined with limited experience. Raised his rate to $65/hour.”

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“Landed the first 3 clients after one month.”

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“Got her first 5 star review after 1 week of joining Freemote.”

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“Connected with a real client after 1 month.”

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“Landed a long term contract just a few weeks into the program.”

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“Gained a ton of confidence by joining the community and landed real world clients.”

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“Went to a bootcamp before, without results. Now made $30k in 4 months of freelancing.”

testimonial Matthew
Mathew L

$2k in ≈ 1 month

testimonial Nick

Made his money back in less than a month.
Now jr. software engingeer.

testimonial Avery

≈ 4 months earnings, verified through UpWork

testimonial Saul

≈ 4 months earnings, verified through UpWork

testimonial Connor

Paid internship at Ubisoft as a Developer

testimonial James

$1,600 from first two gigs

testimonial Toni

Was super happy about her first 5-star review. :-)

testimonial JamesNah
James Nah

Learned how to talk to clients

testimonial Trond

Landed his first client and pushed the community. :-)

testimonial Ramzi

Used the strategies to succefully land jobs across different areas

testimonial Carl

Landed a project on first try.

testimonial Forrest

Landed his first client with ease.
Now working a remote position in a tech company.

testimonial Britt

Was finally able to change careers! :-)

testimonial Robert

Working with clients for the first time

testimonial Werner

Received amazing feedback for his work.

testimonial Dominik

Closed a $16k contract with one client.

testimonial Josh

$1,000 for his first Store Setup.

What our students say.

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Freemote Student

“As of June 2021 I am happy to say that I was hired as a Jr. Software Engineer making more money than ever, and have a successful side-hustle as a Shopify Developer due to this course. I've been hired 5 times on UpWork in only 21 proposals, and 2 jobs from direct outreach by following the strategies in the course. To give a little background, I had minimal/no prior programming knowledge”

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Coding Mentor

“Long story short: Completed a full-stack developer bootcamp in 2020. Joined Freemote in April 2021. Improved my web dev knowledge and skills immensely. Working as a freelancer since May. Within 3 months after starting, I was successful at job interviews for 2 top companies in my country. Today I received a job offer to work as a junior dev for Pipedrive.”

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Freemote Student

“I came into Freemote with little to no coding experience. In a month and a half since I started the course, I've been hired for 6 jobs on Upwork. I've gotten THREE 5-star reviews on Upwork. 2 jobs are still in progress, so no reviews for those yet. It's been such an amazing journey. Aaron and Jan do a fantastic job of explaining the concepts required to get a sprinting head start into the world of freelance, specifically within the Shopify niche as a front-end/platform developer, among other skills (such as SEO, store migration, store setup, 3rd party app integration, and more).”

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Freemote Student

“So my name is Avery, and I first started the course with literally 0 software development skills. After getting through the basics of the course with the frontend languages, I dove into Shopify, and I fell in love. Since then I have become a full time remote freelance Shopify Developer and make over double what I did at my old 9-5.”

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Coding Mentor

“Freemote teaches you exactly how to get freelance work. This is information you can't find in any other bootcamp. Whether you want to build up a solid Upwork profile and have clients coming to you every week, or do direct outreach and get high-paying clients across the world, Freemote has got you covered. Used wisely and executed consistently, the freelance strategies you learn are worth the price of the bootcamp alone..”


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